In addition to monitoring guidance from local, national and global health organizations, we are taking precautionary measures to ensure that our offices, car washes and other facilities minimize risks.

Car Washes are OPEN:

Our car washing operations provide a basic and sanitizing service that is essential to the health and safety of the community and the members whom we serve. There is a continuing need for automotive owners to keep their vehicles clean and safe. Uber, Lyft and Taxi drivers have a continuing need to keep their vehicles clean and safe. People transporting the elderly; people assisting as volunteers or paid staff for non-profits offering essential services; people delivering goods and food need to maintain a safe environment.

Our Approach:

We continue to disinfect and clean our pay terminals, vacuum hoses and all consumer touch points to create a safe and useable environment. We will no longer be handing out air fresheners at the tunnel entrance, but we will have them available for pick up in the vacuum areas. This weekend we will reduce the pay terminal entrances in order to effectively sanitize after each customer interaction. We will continue to provide more space between vacuum pods in order to ensure social distancing. Please be patient with us while we continue to make your experience safe, sanitized and friendly.

We wish you and your loved ones good health.

- Tom Welter, CEO